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File for Social Security Disability or appeal your denial with us without waiting weeks and months.

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What SSDI do you qualify for? Save a trip to to social security office and long wait times with doctors. We'll tell you what you need to do next.


We're Winning Long Term Disability Benefits Everyday

At Red Ribbon we saw how difficult it was for ordinary hardworking Americans to access social security disability insurance.

So we assembled a nationwide network of Attorneys and advocates locally and nationally with proven track records of winning social security disability benefits effectively.

Working with a representative is a government backed way of raising your chances of gaining SSDI eligibility 3x times more than average.

Get Your Disability Benefit When You Need It

We help speed up the process of you applying

Connect With SSDI Winners

If your having trouble we found the people who have been there and done that for you.

Committed To The Cause

Your situation is unique and that's how you'll be treated.

How does this work?

Connect WIth DIsability Expert

We connect you with proven disability winners. Who have won disability for countless Americans

Find Mistakes In Your Application

Don't Apply until all your information, paperwork, and medical records are correct.

Get Representation And Win SSI Benefits

Is SSI representation needed? WE work through your through your appeals making sure your ready to win .

Join over 10 Million Americans

Millions of Americans have already claimed there benefits, we’ll help you join their ranks and get your SSDI payments with no hassle!

Apply For Supplemental Security Income or SSDI Correctly.

Stay in front of you SSDI Application process. Work with our network of lawyers we’ve assembled at no cost, and make sure you are correctly represented and filing correctly for your benefits you work for. 

SSDI/SSI Qualifications and Conditions:


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Red Ribbons Helpers Is a Workers Rights Agency that helps Americans of all occupations and creeds get the benefits they need and deserve.
Our Network of Attorneys, Advocates and representatives have been vetted for their performance. Meaning when you work with us, you only work with winners.

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