Correctly File For Your Disability Deposits

Why Fight This Alone? With Red Ribbon Helpers We Join In And Find Attorneys & Advocates That Have Won Claims Just Like Yours.

On Average:

$1,280 per month

Paid Out This Year In Benefits

Depending on your situation you could receive up to $3,148 in disability payments, you may also get additional compensation from non-government sources as you file, find out what your owed today.Trusted Source
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About Us

We Find The Right People, To Correct The Wrong Problems...

With Disability Applicants Waiting up to 3 Years For Their Benefits, We Decided To Step In And Help. 

Going toe-to-toe with the government is a tall task, many people do better with a team filing for disability on their behalf. Because of this, too many Americans file for their benefits and wait months even years just to get a rejection. This is why we’re assembling lawyers, advocates and representatives who have successfully navigated this difficult process for people just like you.

Why Choose Red Ribbon?

Labor-Saving SSDI Lawyers That Correct & Win Claims.

We work with specialized disability lawyers & advocates who have simplified the messy application process, from hearings to appeals.

Costs $0 Until After Your Win

Don't worry about finding the money to pay. You'll only pay when you win.

Correct Filings For Full Award

Incorrect applications are the main reasons for disability denials, slowdowns and reductions, we'll help prevent both.

Chances Of Awarded Claim Over 32% Better With Lawyers

No wasted time or back & forth with the SS administration. connect with attorneys who present your best claim possible.

In Compliance With:

Winning Applications For Your Situation

Incorrect filing is the root issue of not being awarded disability lets make yours different.

Veterans Disability

Applications and assistance for those who served in the armed forces.

SSA Denial's & Appeals

We can help you even after you’ve been denied.

Specific Conditions

Contact us today if you have specific medical conditions and need confirmation about possible claims.

Workers Comp & SSI

Make sure that you getting all the benefits you deserve from your condition.

The People We're Helping...

Meghans' Story

“I don't want to just stay stagnant and depressed looking up at the four walls of my room, I want to move up in the world.”

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