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We have gathered the most pressing SSDI questions that are our clients always ask. 

Your SSDI FAQ's.

You can file your SSDI through the Social Security Administration online or in person. You should have information such as work history, medical conditions, and any supporting information from doctors with treatment timelines.

To be eligible for your benefits payments you must have all but not limited to:

  • Limited Income
  • Limited resources and capabilities
  • Must be a United States citizen or national
  • Must live in the United States
  • Must have qualifying medical conditions 

Working with an attorney or advocate carries a number of benefits:

First the costs working with a representative are essentially free. You only pay from your winnings and that’s distributed by the government for you . Also Your chances of being awarded are significantly higher with a lawyer, also they will file and gather the required documents (medical, work history information, etc) on your behalf. 

We know you want your application filed correctly and reduce any chance of rejections or slowdowns towards getting your disability. At Red Ribbon Helpers we find the attorneys and representatives who have won claims just like yours, and do the hard legwork of getting you what your owed.

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Getting SSDI can take as little as 5 months from the initial date of applying up to several years. Likely, if your application process is going on for a long period of time there was a filing issue.

Working with a proven attorney or advocate is a  government supported way of getting awarded faster. However working with the best lawyers who understand your particular situation is the key to getting your fully awarded amount.

The average awarded monthly payment amount was $1,280 as of 2021. However these numbers can vary drastically with the max amount being $3,148 for recipients. Submitting high quality, expert reviewed applications is the best government approved way to get the maximum award amount with no slowdowns, appeals, or rejections at hearing.